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ILVE OVENS - Hand made quality

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ILVE Freestanding OvenILVE OVEN Quality – Class A Rated Ovens (European Rating)

• ILVE Oven Insulation
40mm Wool / Fibre glass blend, highly compacted with an Aluminium Sheath.

• ILVE Oven Glass 
3 layers at 4mm Thick, Tempered, Tinted Commercial panes of glass.
Inner and Outer Layer is coated with a Metallic Alloy Film to reflect heat in.

• Sealed Oven Cavity with Dual Capillary Thermostats.

• Easily Removable Oven Door and Oven Glass
comprised solely of Metal and Glass (No Plastic).

Sealed Oven Technology
• Provides a more stable internal oven temperature.
• More energy efficient.
• Slightly higher oven moisture, producing fabulously
succulent roast, and light but crisp pastries.

External Finishes - 304 Stainless Steel &
Coloured Enamel Finishes
• 304 Surgical Stainless Steel wont rust and is used on all visible external surfaces of ILVE uprights.
• ILVE use an expensive enamelling process.
Enamel, unlike a ‘painted’ finish, is resistant to flaking, discolouring, scratching, bending and warping.

Model Range and Size
• 60, 70, 80, 90, 120 & 150cm
• Gas/Gas Oven, Gas/Electric Oven
• Cooktops: Induction, Ceramic, Tepanyaki, BBQ, Deep

Fryer and Simmer Plate Options Top Options.
• Titanium, Nostalgie, and Professional (QUADRA) Styles.