Solar Power Questions to ask before you buy

Asking your solar installer a few essential questions may make a big difference to the service and benefits you receive.

Make sure you get the answers in writing - an don't hesistate to get these answers checked by Dale McDonald, who leads the Camberwell Electrics Solar  Power Team,

  1. What is the estimated monthly and annual production in kW/h of my system in its installation position?

  2. What is the estimated solar electricity production in the best and worst months?

    See the LG output calculator on 
  3. Who will service and maintain my solar system?

    Make sure you have a local address and contact details of who is going to regulary service & maintan your investment.
  4. What are the responsibilities of each party?

    Include the installer, manufacturer and consumer.
  5. Who is responsible for connecting your solar PV system to the electricity grid?

    Is it the installer or another subcontractor? When will it happen?
  6. Who is responsible for your meter change?

    Make sure this is clarified. Quality installation companies usually offer to accommodate the whole job.
  7. How the installer will credit your solar rebate (STCs)?

  8. Don't be afraid to bring in your written quotes or plans to the Camberwell Electrics Solar  Power Team, to get a comparison 

  9. What kind of documentation will you be provided after the installation? Can you see a sample?

  10. What local installtions have they done that you can have a look at and ask the householder for a testimonial?


LG Solar Panel Installer Quality ProductsOver time solar panels will show degradation and produce each year a little less electricity.

In order to give purchasers some guidance about the level of degradation, an Output Warranty is offered by most manufacturers.

This Output Warranty goes in most cases for 25 years and guarantees that for conventional panels an output of around 80% of initial production efficiency is still maintained by the panel (LG offers 83.4%).

Unfortunately this 'Warranty" can easily cause confusion.
Please note an Output Warranty IS NOT a Manufacturers Warranty on the actual panel.

For example if in year 13 your panel fails completely, then the Output Warranty may not cover the faulty panel.

A panel has to be in working order to claim an Output Warranty.

In many sales promotions the 25 YEAR Warranty is highlighted but when you read the details of an Output Warranty, you will have to pay for getting panels off the roof, shipped for testing and then also pay for the return and reinstall.

Often the compensation for a poor performing panel is less than $100, when the customer had to spend many hundreds of dollars on install/uninstall and on the process to show the output of the panel is poor. Therefore this warranty only has a low value. Be aware of glossy 25 Year Warranty stickers - it is the 10 or 12 year (LG is 12 years) Manufacturer's Warranty not the Output Warranty that counts.

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Camberwell Solar Power System FAQs

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