Is Hydronic heating safe?

Hydronic heating is safe for the young and old alike as it’s radiant heat, it heats people and objects and is the perfect heating for those who are not particularly mobile, children and pets.  There is no danger of burns or scalding as the system is fully enclosed with temperatures well below boiling point. The surface temperature of a radiator can be quite hot to touch however, so care should be taken with anyone who may not be able to adequately feel surface temperature and react when coming into contact with the radiator. The underfloor heating coils run at low temperature and present no safety issues.

Is hydronic heating healthy?

Yes, with a hydronic heating system there is either no or minimal circulation of dust and allergens, unlike other fan forced heating systems. This means that this is the best form of heating for everyone, but in particular for those allergies and asthma. Hydronic heating systems heat the people and surfaces in the room in a passive way,

How does hydronic heating work?

A Hydronic heating system consists of the following main components:

  • A heat source is used to heat the water to a thermostatically controlled temperature. The heat source can be natural gas, LPG, electric or solid fuel
  • The piping system which is usually made of copper, PEX or multilayer pipe carries the heated water from the heat source to heating appliance and back again for reheating in a closed loop.
  • A pump that circulates the water through the piping system.
  • Heating appliances such as radiators, towel rails, ThermaSkirt, floor coils, convectors and combinations thereof transfer the heat into the room.
  • A thermostat(s) controls the temperature and optimizes the comfort levels throughout the house.

Can I put hydronic heating into my existing house?

Yes, most houses can have hydronic heating installed, however, houses on a concrete slab are more difficult due to lack of access for the pipe work.

How much does it cost to install hydronic heating?

To install Hydronic heating with radiators the approximate cost is currently around $1,100.00 – $1,400.00 per radiator fully installed there can be some variance depending on the difficulty of installation, individual specifications and size of the home.

To install Hydronic slab heating the approximate cost is around $75.00 per sqm for single pour in-slab system and $115.00 per sqm for a double pour in-screed system

Gas boilers are the most popular form of heat source and range from $3000 to $4500 installed depending on size and efficiency. You can also use heat pumps, solid fuel and solar depending on the circumstances. 

How does the cost of a Hydronic Heating System compare to Ducted Heating?

Traditionally hydronic heating costs between 2-3 times that of ducted to install. This cost can be quickly recovered over time by using the system efficiently. The average running costs are 2/3rds when compared to gas ducted. 

How quickly can hydronic heating affect the temperature of a room?

Hydronic heating will noticeably affect the temperature of a room within 10-15 minutes. It is a slower system than ducted heating systems, quicker than wood fire. Its efficiency and comfort level surpass both. 

Is there any benefit to insulate with hydronic heating?

As with all heating, insulation improves the effectiveness by reducing heat loss through walls and ceilings. The heat source is not running as often for a given output, thus saving on running costs.

What is the EN442 standard and why is it so important?

Camberwell Electrics only use radiators that comply with the latest European Standard EN442. This measuring standard puts an end to the large number of different values that have previously been used, and provides an accurate reference for comparing different radiators.


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